Background Screening

Why should your company reduce the risk in your hiring?

Making decisions when hiring new employees or external agents is one of the most difficult decisions faced by Human Resources and Selection departments Its impact on the company, regardless its size is key to its proper development.

Around 40% of job applicants make false claims within their curriculum.

Verifying information objectively provided by the nominee, as well as, additional checking within pertinent databases is what is known as Background Screening.

This process is also known as Pre- Employment Screening and represents globally one of the best and most useful tools to implement corporate risk control procedures.

In Spain has been constituted as one of the necessary control checking at all companies due to the incorporation of criminal risks in compliance programs, being recommended to be included at the Criminal Compliance programs.

This is an efficient cost service, which allows you to accomplish with the current regulatory requirements on Compliance area, both for national and multinational companies.

Outsourcing of service

Leave Background Screening to professional experts allows the company to execute the hiring in a safer, more objective, agile and more powerful way.

GAT GROUP has standardized procedures to ensure its process, the objectivity and quality of the reports, with the guarantee everything is done or processed under current legislation. Reports are processed according with customer needs, reducing cost and delivery time.

With a wide knowledge in regulatory, including criminal responsibility of judicial persons, UK Bribery Act, Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), regulations against money laundering, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Royal Decree 256/2013 from April 12th and the recent ISO 37001 Standard, among other national and international regulations. We have the experience and knowledge to provide an excellent service to a large number of countries.

“Replacing a supervisor, technician or any intermediate manager, can cost from 50% to several times the annual salary of a person”

Source: Society for Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Selection Presentation, 2008