Due Diligence / Third Party Screening

Outsource Risk Management on counterparts with our experts, you will obtain faster results, reliable and objective information, with guarantee of legality.

GAT GROUP offers Screening for third parties for investors, law firm, financial entities and private enterprises.

Grupo GAT carry out Third Party Screenings for investor, Law Firms, Financial entities and private companies.

We are governed by the national and international law to make ethic and discreet diligences. We report on litigations, regulatory matters, reputation, financial situation, misleading information, conflicts of interests, hidden interest and potential responsibilities.
We support with personal sources consultation and document verification.

We perform comprehensive evaluations of a corporation’s reputation, including investigations of associates and executives, patrimonial connections, affiliated businesses, and prior vendors records, clients and employees that could be a risk. We research media records, political connections and conduct confidential source inquiries.Apoyamos con consultas a fuentes humanas y verificación de documentación.

What do we provide?

Reduction in cost

If you outsource with us, you gain a direct saving up to 40% of its current cost.

Hidden risks reduction

We contribute objectivity working within the legislation with reliable information for provide you a better understanding of who you do business with.

“In 69% of the analyses, risks or other negative information are detected during the third-party screening process”

We are associated with companies that provides Due Diligence services and costumers with internal departments saturated, we carry out massive revision projects, as well as historical archive revisions. We work globally, improving response times and customer service capabilities.

For which companies and When?

The size or area of the company is not an argument when it comes to avoiding unnecessary risks when facing:

  • Foreign Counterparts
  • Third parties in high risk countries
  • Suppliers of high-risk sectors
  • A new relationship that will be important to the business.

Why should you hire our Due Diligence services?

A major part of the company’s risk lay on their relationship with third parties. For example, future partners o investors, projects with foreign enterprises, alliance, providers, etc.

Due Diligence is part of all Compliance Programs and protect the company of the following hazards:

  • Legal and Financial Hazards: Corruption, Conflicts of Interest and Fraud.
  • Reputational Risks

“52% of the time sanctions are discovered against companies or individuals and politically exposed people”

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