Due Diligence / Third Party Screening

Outsource Risk Management on counterparts with our experts, you will obtain faster results, reliable and objective information, with guarantee of legality.

Conducting Due Diligence on the backgrounds of potential partners, high-ranking employees and key vendors, associates and affiliates is crucial during mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other events. Our services are provided on a global scale.

Grupo GAT carry out Third Party Screenings for investor, Law Firms, Financial entities and private companies.

We are governed by national and international laws to conduct ethical and discreet diligences. We report litigation, regulatory matters, financial situation, misleading information, conflict of interest, hidden interest and potential liability.

We perform comprehensive evaluations of a corporation’s reputation, including investigations of associates and executives, patrimonial connections, affiliated businesses, and prior vendors records, clients and employees that could be a risk. We research media records, political connections and conduct confidential source inquiries.

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