External Management Whistleblowing Channel

i2 Ethics, a GAT Group company, is the leading Spanish company in managing outsourced reporting channels.

Since 2011, i2 Ethics has been managing ethical channels for SMEs and large multinationals.

Our complaint channels combine the turnkey implementation of a channel on our secure servers, the creation of operating and performance procedures, and the primary management of all complaints received.

Our primary management carried out through human sources is based of an analysis for all complaints received, clasifying or filtering them according with the procedures established with the client. The tasks are carried out by I2 Ethics staff, specialized in forensic and internal investigations of corporate companies.

Our own development platform allows the necessary flexibility and adaptation to the specific needs and requirements of the client.

  • Personalization of all texts.
  • Customization of the form fields (quantity, ordering mandatory, non-mandatory)
  • Election and choice of the identification system: Anonymous, standard or mixed. (Anonymous for PBC and Anonymous for all other behaviors)
  • Choice of optional services to incorporate: Consultations, call back,trainings, improvement proposals….

Our channels are fully adapted to the requirements of the new European regulation (suppression, anonymization, anonymous complaints, etc.)

Outsourcing of service

Leaving complaints channels management in the hands of experts allows the companies to adapt to best practices in compliance and giving an image of transparency to its employees and other stakeholders.

  • We have a dedicated team managing the channels and advising our clients.
  • We provide your employees a complete and anonymous and confidential channel.
  • We offer security and protection for both technical and organizational information. We have the 27001 certification on Information Security
  • We have the necesary internal processes for your stakeholders to report any bad practices.
  • We manage the complaints received, under strict privacy criteria and compliance with the RGPD and the LOPDGDD 3/2018 (specially article 24).
  • We maintain communication with the complainant and with designated person which your company designates.
  • We periodically send you information regarding the complaints received and their status.

“It is always better to know than not to know”

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