Compliance Management Systems Implementation

In Grupo GAT with our partner Legal Compliance can help the companies and organizations to implement their Compliance Management System.

The Compliance obligations, the control by the authorities, and the contractual obligations with third parties imply knowledge about the regulation and normative risks.

Whether you are a national company, with or without subsidiaries, independently of your size, or a multinational, our Compliance Management Systems collect the regulatory obligations that affect you.

Also, we design Compliance Management Systems for business organizations, politic parties, syndicates, foundations, and associations.

Based on the essential principles of good governance, proportionality, transparency, and sustainability, international standards have been elaborated like the recent ISO 19600. These standards provide international and normalized criteria for the establishment, development, implementation, evaluation, maintenance, and improvement of compliance plans by companies and organizations.

What exactly we do?

We help our customers in:

  • The design and implementation of Effective Compliance Management Systems
  • Identifying and evaluating the risks.
  • Risk management
  • Whistleblowing Channels
  • Due Diligence measures.
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Training and sensibilization
  • Disciplinary system
  • The elaboration of Codes of Ethics and/or Conduct.

Other services

Good Governance and Transparency

Identity and differentiation of the organizations through the Compliance

El buen gobierno y la transparencia, son señas de identidad y diferenciación de las organizaciones socialmente responsables. Por ello, aquellas organizaciones que ponen en práctica el Buen Gobierno tienen más oportunidades de negocio y mejor reputación.

The good governance and the transparency are identity and differentiation signs of the socially responsible. Fot that, these organizations that put into practice the good governance have more business opportunities and better reputation.

The European and national lawmakers have boosted the practices of good governance for all the organizations. Whether the mandatory rules -the Directive EU 2014/95, the capital companies law, the Transparency Law and other sectorial rules-, or the voluntary codes promote this transparency criteria.

Good governance and transparency, values of an organization

In Grupo GAT with our partner Legal Compliancehelp companies being making sure your policies, procedures and processes reflects, not just the strict law compliance, but the codes and the best voluntary practices based in your organization or company essential values.

When it comes promoting and favour a compliance culture and the ethic, both what is valued by the regulator or the potential customer must be considered, and the public communication of non-financial, legal risks and anti-bribery measures, and social policies, promoting the ethic, the transparency and the fight against the fraud and the bribery.

Outsourcing the Good Governance implementation

For all these reasons, the service is configurated like an analytical procedure about the organization state, and the consequent recommendations, on the following aspects:

  • Analysis and recommendations about “best practices” applicable to the client’s sector or business area
  • Recommendations and implementation of Advisory Councils and designation and appointing of external councillors.
  • Recomendaciones e implantación de medidas y estructuras corporativas adecuadas para mejorar la transparencia
  • Recommendations and implementation of appropriate corporate measures and structures to improve the transparency
  • Analysis of the transparency levels and recommendations about improvement areas.
  • Recommendations about administrative and supervisory bodies and executive committees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One step higher of Compliance, good governance and transparency

The company or organization’s Social Corporate responsibility goes far beyond the simple and strict compliance of the current regulations and the legal obligations. Certainly, the reputation and the capability of establish long-lasting relations based in trust with the suppliers, partners, customers, consumers, inverters and regulators, constitutes a competitive advantage.

Reputation and trust, benefits of the Social Corporate Responsibility

Therefore, we help to our clients have a good external image, that means that the company has good reputation and inspires trust, whereby improving its competitiveness.

The improvement of the competitiveness and the external image of companies and organizations is directly linked to the social dialogue, the ethical behaviour, the human rights protection, the respect of the environment and the non-discrimination, equality and development of employees.

We provide our customers:

  • Recommendations about better practices in terms of Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR)
  • Elaboration of memories about SCR and reports about non-financial risks
  • Auditorias en el marco de ISO 26000
  • ISO 26000 audits

Therefore, to prove the ethical behaviour is directly linked to the integrity, the transparency, the good governance practices and the legal certainly.

In Grupo GAT whit our partner Legal Compliance, favour and support a sustainability strategy under the social responsibility of our partners and customers, promoting the best practices, beyond the applicable law. Thus, our services allow step forward to the good governance, the transparency, the control systems and normative risk management.

Non-compliance monitoring systems

The best tools and procedures of control adapted to your environment

In the same way that the company knows and controls its operative risks, must control the risks arising to the non-compliance of its legal obligations. The appropriate and effective management systems to prevent and mange the legal risks, not only produce direct benefits through the cost savings, but improve the relations with our customers, suppliers, partners, consumers, and employees, allowing us a better access to the capital and de financial and insurance sources, allowing, indirectly, a better management of our resources.

Through the Legal Compliance, a strict analysis about the bodies and control methodologies of our customers is made, to advise them to the best tools and control procedures adapted to their environment, their compliance plan and their growth strategy.

Management systems. Methodology.

  • Advisory about tools and control procedures.
  • Analysis and methodologies about the government bodies and customers.
  • We adapt to the compliance plan and the grow strategy of our customers.

Know our Compliance team

Composed by professionals specialized in Compliance, Corporate Good  Governance and Legal Risk

The Legal Compliance’s Team is conformed by professionals specialized in Compliance, Corporate Good Governance, and Corporate Responsibility.

Also, they have an extended experience in companies of different sectors. Therefore, they have a strategic vision to connect the operative risks (sector-specific), the reputational risks (of the brand) and the legal risks (compliance) of all the organization.

See our team’s profile

Main areas of legal risk

Consult the risk areas of the complex current regulation

Indeed, in the complex current regulation, the legal risks areas are increasingly difficult to identify, measure and prevent.

For that, whatever your scope and the countries in where you operate, consult us about the following:

Legal risk areas

  • Criminal risk management systems (Corporate Compliance)
  • Irregular payments and braveries – Compliance
  • Social and labour laws
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Information security and cybersecurity
  • Competition law
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Intellectual property

Compliance culture

Compliance culture services

  • Cultural and linguistical adaptation of ethical and conduct codes
  • Adaptation of the Compliance policy to the cultural environment and the diversity of the workforce.
  • Training and communication Compliance programs

Adaptation to the different cultural environment and your labour diversity

The adaptation of a compliance program to the different cultural environment where we operate and to the diversity of our workforce, is essential to facilitate the involvement of all in a real compliance culture.

Like a result of our experience and technical knowledge we can offer to our multinational clients, specific services of cultural and linguistical adaptation of ethical and conduct codes, compliance policies, and training and communication compliance programs. Therefore, we ensure that your message about compliance be perfectly understanded by your employees, strategic partners, providers, and customers in all markets where you operate.