Security policy

Information Security Policy

Next, the security policies that support the Information Security Management System (SGSI) that GRUPO GAT has decided to define, implement, operate and continuously improvement.

  1. GRUPO GAT will protect against risk the information generated, processed or stored by the different processes, its technological infrastructure and assets that are generated from the accesses granted to third parties (eg: suppliers), or as a result of an internal or external service.
  2. GRUPO GAT will protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and legality of the information generated, processed or stored by the different processes, in order to minimize financial, operational or legal impacts due to its incorrect use . For this, the application of controls according to the classification of the information owned or in custody is essential.
  3. GRUPO GAT will protect your information against threats of internal or external origin to the organization.
  4. GRUPO GAT will protect the processing facilities and the technological infrastructure that supports its critical processes. GRUPO GAT controls the operation of its processes, guaranteeing the security of technological resources and data networks.
  5. GRUPO GAT will guarantee that security is an integral part of the life cycle of information systems through proper management of risks and weaknesses associated with information systems.
  6. GRUPO GAT will guarantee the availability of its processes and the continuity of its services based on the impact that adverse events may generate.
  7. GRUPO GAT will guarantee compliance with the established legal, regulatory and contractual obligations.
  8. Responsibilities for information security will be defined, shared, published and accepted by all interested parties.